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Right on man

That is why it is important to get behind the conservative populist energy that is taking on the oligarchy. Pull in the Dennis Kucinich liberal populists too. We need to draw the battle lines clearly.

"The revolution for virtue and common sense is on. It started in 2013. It is a non-violent popular uprising to beat back the oligarchy that currently controls the United States of America. The battle lines are drawn.

Remember that time when you were a kid and your friends were doing something mean, or about to break the law, or maybe just being stupid. For some reason, this time you had the courage not to go along. They ridiculed you, rejected you, and made you feel unsure of yourself. But when you went to bed that night, you felt at ease with yourself and with God.

We are a coalition of Americans that have come together because we have the same goal and the same enemy. We wish to unseat the ruling class that controls the United States. When we have accomplished that task, we will be in a position to rebuild the American community around its founding ideals.

Main Street citizens are reclaiming the Republican Party from the Big Business oligarchs. We are asking Liberal Populists to leave the party of Marx and join us. These are exciting times."