Comment: Banned foods: a "must read"

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Banned foods: a "must read"

This is one reason why people voted for Obama, otherwise known as a "Democrat." It's telling that there should be an organization "Republicans For Environmental Protection" (aka ConservAmerica). Or that the 71 senators who voted AGAINST it being a state's right to require GMO labeling on products sold within that state were apparently all Republicans.

I'm not saying Democrats deliver. They can be hypocrites: the president broke his vote-gaining campaign promise re GMO-labeling, and Bill Gates (with stock in Monsanto) can't promote genetic engineering enough; and they can go overboard, e.g., NYC's arrogant mayor & regulation of soda size. But people are becoming aware that there are *critical* environment/agriculture/food issues that need to be addressed - and who trusts Republicans to honestly address them?

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