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Comment: Over at FreedomWorks

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Over at FreedomWorks

They continuously talk about 'zombies', 'neocons', 'shills', and how they need to combine their grassroots efforts, overcome and win.

Any time that I positively mention Lee Bright, DOWN VOTE.

Anytime that I question nancy mace, DOWN VOTE.

Anytime that I positively mention Rand Paul, NOTHING.

Anytime that I question ted cruz, DOWN VOTE.

Anytime that I mention Ron Paul, A BIG FAT DOWN VOTE.

Anytime that I mention Justin Amash, NOTHING, because for the most part they do not know who he is.

There have been very few exceptions, very being the key word.

They honestly believe that I am an infiltrate, because they have come right out and stated it.

This is why I have made comments here on this board that our experiment with freedom is over. I do keep trying, but it is very difficult and disheartening.

Please forgive me for venting, I know that it is not becoming :-(

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul