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Comment: 14 years old, strip searched on a dock at rifle point

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14 years old, strip searched on a dock at rifle point

I was fourteen years old. I was with four friends on a trail down by the Willamette river and we were throwing rocks at a sign across a ravine. We walked back up the trail to the boat ramp where there is a rock bar and we walked out on it to give some ducks the rest of my bag of potato chips. I had just finished feeding the ducks and we were walking off when a police boat flashed its lights and yelled over the loud speaker while a second officer on the boat had his gun pointed at us and instructed us to lay down on the dock. One of my friends ran, but there were another three squad cars and two under-cover cars parked around the corner and they caught him and dragged him out to the dock with the rest of us. We were surrounded with multiple guns pointed at us on a dock as the officer told my friend to stand up and drop his pants because they were "too baggy" and he searched the rest of us as we watched a K-9 team head down the trail where we were.

Any level-headed person would have immediately concluded that we had been doing nothing wrong, but we were talked to like drug dealers or enemy combatants. The cops yelled words that made us cringe and had never been used toward any of us before. The worst part of the confrontation was that one of the officers pointing his Remington 870 at us was the campus officer at the middle school that we all attended; this man knew each of us by name. Apparently, someone living near where we had been throwing the rocks had heard the popping of the sign that we were throwing them at and reported a shooting. The cops were not interested in our story and were quite sad at the report of the K-9 team that no narcotics had been found on the trail.

These cops on this video are tools of our oppressors. They do not deserve kind words. Our civility will not be reciprocated.