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Comment: Vitamin B17 I know SEVERAL

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Vitamin B17 I know SEVERAL

Vitamin B17 I know SEVERAL people who have been CURED with B17 and you can get it at You need 1000 mg a day. Start with 500 for 5 days then 1000. Just DO IT. Even G Edward Griffin reported on this in the 1980's and there's a video on that on youtube "B17 cancer cure" All hidden. Also the bitter almond tree which has the highest source was BANNED in the US. A tree!!!!!

Also stop all sugar immediately!

Get B17!!! I don't know why I am up so early but maybe to post this. Also, with the B17 get the Essiac Tea from the same site. A Canadian nurse had a 50% success rate with just the tea. Compare that with the 100% success rate of the three people I know with the B17. Get the 500mg tablets. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!