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Sorry. You can't make war without debasing the currency to tax at a greater rate than people would otherwise accept.

Wage and price controls, spending, cartelization of the economy; these are hallmarks of fascism. Specifically the emphasis on corporate/state participation.. which is why I included the link.

Not to be pushy or obnoxious, but I do urge you to listen to Tom Woods pick apart the New Deal. Because to accept the it as anything else is to rebuke the Liberty without exception. (Linked here again:

There is no different era. There is no different set of rules. These are unblinking and eternal.

To say that the conspirators were seeking "unlimited profits" by revoking the New Deal and instituting the gold standard, IF that was the case, then they sound to my ear to be Patriots and hero's like those that repulsed the Brits in the 18th century. Only this time from a domestic tyrant.

IF they wanted it undone and sound money returned, perhaps we should be celebrating and commemorating their efforts. Something tells me this was all invented though.

WWI ushered in fascism and it was a continued policy clear thru the Roosevelt regime. It has permeated all aspects of American life. It is here. From the compulsory schooling and daily pledge of allegiance, to the textbooks in the schools, to the television and media, every regulatory agency; it is here, my friend. We are dealing with the poison fruits from that absurd war to this day.

In fact, the Nazi bastards, ever seeking the friendship of the Limey government, would have decimated the Bolsheviks had an alliance ever been granted. And thus no cold war. But it was not.

And as austrianecon points out below, Versailles was a ruthless assault against a people undoing a thousand years of history in one fell swoop. Hitler had no eye on the West, only on destroying what Hitler considered "Judeo-Bolshevism" in the east and undoing that curse imposed by foreigners literally by starving them to death. Their aim to prevent it from competing economically with France or UK again.

Thanks for your comment. All the best.