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Couple points

1) What inflation rate did the author of the note use? The gov't sponsored (i.e. faked) rates or the real inflation rates? Gold and silver have held their true value compared to US $ which has lost >98% of it's purchasing power over the last century.

2) Most people knowledgeable about gold and silver say silver is way under-valued now and should be >$50/ounce... maybe >$100/ounce.

3) Fiat currencies ALWAYS fail. There are no exceptions. EVER. Gold and silver ALWAYS are a go-to money when fiats fail. Don't put all of one's resources into silver/gold though - people need guns, ammo, food, water, supplies, fuel, etc. too when things go bad.

4) Gov't confiscation of wealth from bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, 401ks, IRAs, pensions, etc. will only increase as time goes on. It's already starting worldwide and will eventually happen in the USA. Anything not in your physical possession IS NOT YOURS.

Given all of the above, the writer who put $100,000 into silver may one day (not too far into the future) be the saving grace for his family who would otherwise starve or die one of many other miserable deaths. That is of course if he decides to forgive their criticizing remarks and offers to help them when the SHTF.

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