Comment: The Phony Fiat USD

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The Phony Fiat USD

At some point change always occurs in Fiat Currency. I can't predict the major change, but the USD has incremental changes on any given day and is proven to have lost over 90% of it's inherent value since 1918. The end of what we 'knew' is coming in several ways. Currency seems doomed to become digital that will exchange through cell phones and the like. I don't pretend to know what the government will try to do to those like myself that hoard silver, but as I see it PMs are my only chance to have a 'choice' in retaining what little wealth I have when more 'bail in's' come about and they will come about.

I am not keen on what he future brings with the way global currency is manipulated by the Central Banks and by Governments. One thing seems certain to me, that no matter what happens to paper printed currency that is not backed by gold or silver, there are no other metals with the properties of gold and silver when it comes to future technologies and they efficiency in which they transmit electronic frequency and many many other secrets unfolding as the future becomes current days. So, I don't care at what price I got any of the silver I have, I still believe it is worth alot more than the paper I traded for it.

The guy from article in this thread that complained about dumping his entire fortune into silver was being greedy. Not nearly everything I have is in silver, but very little is in anything related to future growth speculation in the USD or the stock market. Either way, whether the dollar lives or dies, I will be able to survive with or without it and not be forced to find my survival in any currency that is only digitally held value.

Change is coming, we see it happening every day these days. The question, to me, is do I want to participate in the change or guard against it. I choose the latter of course, but you still have to be able to 'play the game' we have all been inducted into and it would be nice to have the ability to put myself on the sidelines when the game has turned completely in favor of the opposition.