Comment: Only so many economies that can be destroyed...

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Only so many economies that can be destroyed...

First off, let's separate propaganda
from reality. Let us put aside everything we were told as
schoolchildren and still yet cling to in hoping to not face what we
would rather not be burdened to otherwise understand. Wars, even the
ones we have been led to feel good about, have never at any time nor
most likely will they ever be, actually fought over their 'stated'
purpose. No, it is wars are fought for only one reason and that is
over the power to manipulate wealth. Despite explanations given to
motivate the hapless to participate in war, it never has been that
ideology or religion or the well being of a citizenry is what really
causes for war. War is always about keeping the powerful in power or
to make the powerful more so powerful so they might further
manipulate more wealth. Any other righteous explanation is simply
stuff and nonsense.

Those with a vested financial position in the US dollar's status as World's Reserve Currency and whom because of that powerful position, are able to wield great special interest influence on our government,use our government to protect the status of the franchise's influence. The relationship is symbiotic.

Also symbiotic is the relationship between those same interests with franchise to manipulate the World's Reserve Currency and prick, non-democratic human rights-violating monarchies whom in exchange for absolute protection of their generational sovereignty against both foreign aggression as well as internal dissent, agree to only introduce new capitol to the world market in such a way so as to preserve the dollar's ability to maintain its monopoly on energy exchanges and thus that of newly introduced capitol.

In the 21st century colonial dynamic, more wealth can be extracted from currency itself than that which comes from plundered capital resources themselves. No 'Rainbow-Unicorn' explanations of world peace or an intolerance to genocidal chemical gassing or babies being thrown from incubators or denominational differences of religion caused for the Emir of Kuwait to be shown to the rest of the Arab Monarchies as being returned to his throne; the Emir of Kuwait was returned to his throne because he had already agreed to sell oil for nothing other than fiat dollars just like the rest of the monarchies who are protected for the very same reason by the neo-colonial empire of the west. THAT is the true balance of power in the Middle East.

Conversely, countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, or Libya which choose to bring new capital to market by different means, thus challenging the currency monopoly, see their economies utterly destroyed so as to prevent any such distribution of new capitol by any means alternate to that which is produced by those with the franchise to control the fiat dollar.

The House of Saud wants the economies of Syria and Iran to only release new capital to market for dollars or else see those economies otherwise utterly decimated because should it be the US dollar loses its position as World's Reserve Currency which allows for exponential fractional lending, there no longer will be any motivation for the western neo-colonial empire to protect the sovereignty of the House of Saud.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead