Comment: Most People Don't Understand...

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Most People Don't Understand...

...that gold and silver do not care what the current fiat asswipe price is.

I bought gold and silver to simply put them away. Insurance. I haven't sold an ounce since 2008. I could give a shit less whether silver is worth 10 or 50 fiat dollars. It makes no difference what your entry point is or where the Presidents Working Group keeps them priced through naked shorting.

Precious metals are wealth storage and insurance against collapse. They are not investments to be traded for fiat.

If you think that suddenly, this government is going to find a solution for 117 trillion in debt coming due and payable and rising- then by all means go buy some Amazon paper. And quit whining.

Buy PM with currency you don't need. Lock it up. If you never need them, will them to your kids. Don't be a sucker and fall into the trap that FRN's have value. They don't. The world just hasn't figured that out yet.