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The Big Picture

is being missed here. Sarivs has raised about 100k in fundraising. McAuliffe and Cuccinelli have 40 million between them, the lions share of that coming from McAuliffe. Regardless of how you feel about money in poltics it's a FACT OF LIFE right now. If a popular, well known candidate like Cuccinelli is having a hard time keeping up with the fundraising juggernaut that McAuliffe brings to the table (Bloomberg, The Clintons, etc) how do you expect Sarvis to even make a difference? There is a very good reason that Ron and Rand Paul have BOTH endorsed Cuccinelli. They know this is about 2016 and Hillary Clinton. Without Virginia there is no winning The White House. Hillary knows that which is why she has McAuliffe running here. Wake up! If we lose Virginia we lose a shot for Rand Paul in 2016.