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apparently ads have been

apparently ads have been known to use them, and as much as i understand big m has to do something to get revenue and perhaps a little left over for him, which is fine by me, i do wish there were a way without the invasive like manner, never know what tomorow will bring

in the meantime, i'd suggest who have firefox to instal "self destructing cookie", it deletes cookies from sites as long as all tabs TO that site is closed, aswell as when you close and then reopen the browser, unless you immediatly or within a predefined few seconds go to the site, which is handy when there is a site you relatively trust and visit regurlarly, and dont want to constantly sign in edit: as long as one tab to that site has been kept also detects tracker like cookies and deletes them imediatly, i dont know how effective this is though, maybe, folks can test with these two add ons, as in the one i mention, and the one in the op