Comment: And what's your point? My

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And what's your point? My

And what's your point? My aunt WAS shot at. It was pretty terrifying. But you call me an idiot for making that post? Again, what's your point? Does that somehow negate me as a DPer? Are you tryin to paint me as a "government agent"? Or are you saying I was lying? Im really having a hard time deciphering the meanin of this erroneous post. Please explain before going off and calling me an idiot.

But I'll tell you what, "THIS IDIOT", has done quite a lot in my area for libertarian activism than a lot of the armchair activists that visit here. I've setup a Google Hangout with te liberty candidate Lee Bright who's taking on Lindsey Graham. I've also used my own gas money to travel 2 hours to Columbia and got press credentials on behalf of the DP and scored a 1 on 1 video interview with Rand Paul.

Before you come on to my post, pull some post out of my profile with no context and call me an idiot, forcing me to defend my character and integrity, THINK. This isn't some imaginary game with fake people. Real people visit here. And real people that are vital to this movement. And if I wasn't who I was, a post like yours would greatly discourage me from further posting. It's people like you who shoot their mouth off that have no actual sense of how devastating their words can be, that are detrimental to this movement.