Comment: Goofy Specualtion Based on Nothing

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Goofy Specualtion Based on Nothing

1. Snowden hasn't leaked anything but proof of the illegal policies, the abuses, and the Constitutional limits being broken. I may be mistaken, but as far as I know, the contents of conversations have not been leaked, only the proof that they have been overheard, and with whom. He turned all that stuff over, months ago, and has nothing left in his possession--I suspect if there were juicy conversations with public figures, this would have been hinted at by now. As it is, just the fact that they were tapped is more than sufficient news.

2. Illegally obtained evidence is not useable in court. Anyone convicted over the last couple of years should really be having their case re-opened to look for illegally obtained evidence. As for leaking transcripts of conversations, imagine what happens when a Madam's little black book is up for grabs--the powers-that-be usually close ranks to stand up for the privacy and due process rights of everyone. Nobody wants to open that can of worms.

There are clearly many patriots in the NSA and CIA who take their oaths seriously enough to be glad the policy abuses have come to light (several other whistle-blowers are in trouble with the Establishment, already). I'm sure they're feeding more data to their journalist contacts, just as eager as we are to purge the bad apples.

No way does anything Snowden leaked aid those in this shadow government. They want the story to go away, and using the data won't help that happen.

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