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Saturated fatty acids are ready to use fuels..

Coconut, Butter, Palm, Lard, Chocolate are high in saturated fats.

I am on a six month program to roll back the clock 20 years and remedy rheumatoid arthritis.

Doc Wallach DVM ND said, "cheat the program it takes longer." So I eat chocolate, bacon and butter.

Is coconut oil included it the ban on plant oils. I've been wondering, so I went looking for clues:

Unsaturated fats will spoil to become trans fats which are toxic wastes the body needs to eliminate.

We keep our supply of EFAs in the freezer. And buy a brand that washes oxygen from the fats with nitrogen.

Coconut and palm kernel oil and chocolate are all plant based and 50-90% saturated fats.

All the other plant oils are over 70% unsaturated fats waiting to turn into trans fats on heating.

Coconut oil can be distilled to eliminate the unsaturated fats that spoil, increasing shelf life.

Bottom line don't use rancid oils.

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