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Comment: JFK was no friend to the people...

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JFK was no friend to the people...

but he got his head blown off for them.

Which statement is true?

He is dead because he opposed the banking cartel and the shadow government of the military industrial complex.

ANYONE else involved in his murder would have been exposed. Think about that, if you can.

Do you think a mob hit would have been covered up?


Kennedy evolved over the course of his life because he was a man of character, a war hero. He would not let the country he fought for be controlled by the elites...he spoke of that in many of his most famous sppeches. Look them up because it is apparent you haven't a clue.

A buddy of the banksters, my ass! Is that why he issued the new currency he was killed for? Because he was a buudy to the bankers? The currency that was immediately recalled after his murder?

You are not worth a pimple on my butt.

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