Comment: Trackers on the Paul

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Trackers on the Paul

Every time I turn on my computer, I consider that anything and everything I do, including stuff on my desktop while I have a window open, is being watched. I have computers that DON'T ACCESS ANY INTERNET. In fact, I consider coming to the Daily Paul, as my favorite way to Fuck the NSA. There are no true public spaces in the real world anymore, this and other virtual spaces may have replaced them forever, much as the Mall replaced the public square. Trackers, I thought the internet was UNREGULATED, so whats the problem with tracking? I honestly think that when we said, 'Don't regulate the internet' that we mean it, and I can live with knowing they listen. Just don't forget... 'Never light a fuse with an accomplice.' The true patriot works alone, and the real change we seek will be had only through direct citizen action. Never put your business in the street, and the internet is a super highway. Get it? You know 'IT' is watching, you are in the public, so... put on some clothes, and 'keep some cover on it'. If you require sharing time, the RC confessional is always open, someplace. And if you need peer accolades, OK. Then teach me an good way to bitch slap the government tomorrow.