Comment: Whomever was in charge of

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Whomever was in charge of

Whomever was in charge of this scene is as lucky as they come. This has to be one of the stupidest pieces of police work I have ever seen.
Staggering stupidity.
All it takes is a car door slammed to hard, a loud popping sound from wherever, a suspect decides to fight back, any one of a thousand reasons, and suddenly everyone is shooting - which instantly leads to more shooting. For a few split seconds, everyone with a gun pointed at some child's head believes they are being shot at, they instinctively tense-up and someone pulls the trigger. Soldiers who have worked the streets of middle eastern countries will tell you never to get into this scenario.
There was absolutely no reason for this mess, especially with the GPS advantage. You wait until it moves down the road a little ways and things are safer. My God, it's incredible nobody was killed here. How many times have we seen unarmed suspects sporting dozens of bullet holes because one shot touches off a whole barrage?
I hope the sky turns dark with lawyers flying in for this one... and I am no fan of lawyers.