Comment: Rand is getting pathetic, campaigning against a 3rd party

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Rand is getting pathetic, campaigning against a 3rd party

I gave a few hundred dollars to his dad's campaign in 2008, but I am just scratching my head wondering if at this point Rand Paul could even earn my vote. If Rand thinks libertarians are going to rally behind a bible-thumper who attempted to use his position to reinstate sodomy laws in Virginia, including getting into the business about what married couples can and cannot do in their bedroom, then the media really was correct to call Rand a kook. A candidate like Cucinelli is 100% unacceptable. This is a clear example of: the Republican Party needs to nominate better candidates. THAT is the reason that somebody like Sarvis, with very little campaign money, and without being allowed in the debates, is polling so high: Sarvis' poll number means, "hey there, Republicans, your candidate is NOT good."

Quite frankly, I am hoping that McAuliffe wins this race, as terrible as he is ... for the simple reason that the Democrats at least had the common sense not to nominate a dinosaur. Rand's plea is extremely patronizing and insulting to the intelligence of the voters who are leaning Sarvis. Rather than whining that people are supporting Sarvis, maybe they should just be grateful that those voters are not planning on actually voting for the Democrat opponent, as a direct, f-u vote.