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No one has ever claimed Islam destroyed the Jewish Temple...

... But, Muslims did build the 'Dome of the Rock' over the 'Temple Mount' in 691 A.D... The Temple had already been long destroyed.

The conflict is not a lie, it is very real, obviously. The lie is that Islam has any real reason to call the site Holy. Other than it marks a major military victory over Christianity/Judaism in the crusades. (Allegedly, Mohammed ascended to Heaven at this spot. But that was well into the time period of recorded history. If that happened, in the major city of Jerusalem, populated by many different people/cultures, there should be a historical record, not just the word of Mohammed {an illiterate desert raider} himself.)
And there in lies the conflict, to this day.

As for the Temple Mount's alleged true location being recently discovered, I have heard that, and am extremely skeptical of that.

WTF is the Wailing Wall then?! Just some OTHER big wall?! I'm not buying it, even though many Jews & Messianics I know, do buy it.

They have yet to PROVE it, in any convincing way. To me, the evidence still leans HEAVILY on the Temple Mount being where it looks like it is.

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