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Frankly, they have

Frankly, they have acquiesced, nearly 150 years ago, and ever since, when they consented to the direct rule of congress via the 14th Amendment federal citizenship. The presumption of federal citizenship of all Americans, and their tacit acceptance of it, have permitted TPTB to enact their Marxist dream of effectively eliminating the national boundries of the States and abdicating their rightful national state governments under their Common Law. By consenting to the private law jurisdiction of 14th Amendment Federal citizenship, they have accepted the status of subject under Congress outside the jurisdiction of the Constitution. Where they no longer have Natural Rights, but are given privileges called Civil Rights and benefits that they pay for with their lives and their property.

They do not know what the problem is because they do not know the law and that it is they who are the problem. Like Dorothy, thay have always possessed the ability to get back home at any time they wished. They are just too comfortable receiving the benefits their masters bestow upon them, or to busy paying for them to see the cage they're in and the evil they consent to and support with their participation.

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