Comment: the link misrepresents Sarvis' positions

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the link misrepresents Sarvis' positions

For example, it states that Sarvis is not in favor if tax cuts. That's a bunch of crap.
If you go to Sarvis' website and read his issues, he is very specific about tax cuts. Among others, he is in favor of greatley reducing or ELIMINATING the state income tax in Virginia. That seems pretty significant.

The article also lies, and is trying to make people believe that Sarvis is some type of advocate of Obamacare. Again, if you read Sarvis website, he specifically states that federalization of healthcare creates problems, and he opposes that.

It is very pathetic that people have to lie about a 3rd party candidates positions in order to promote the Republican candidate, I guess because people aren't buying it that Cucinelli is some type of "liberty" politician. It is really ashame that Ron & Rand decided to involve themselves in the Virginia governor election muddle.