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Loaded question...

Closest thing to that already happened but it was not another candidate that helped Bush become president in 2001. One man went to the Constitutional revision committee meetings here in Florida back in 1997. Before that, This state had the toughest access ballot laws in the nation. His actions ended the 2 party monopoly on ballot access. After that, Ralph nader appeared on the ballot and took more than 500 votes away from Gore. Thats how Bush got elected.

The only way I could ever help elect satan is if i knew the outcome of the election in advance. That would mean it's all rigged! is that what you are saying? It's possible for me to know the outcome of the election down to one vote? If i knew that I'd focus on some sports teams, bet the wnner and finance the libertarian party Perot style!

I'm all in favor of achieving enough support to be included in the debate with the dems and repubs

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