Comment: I certainly agree with the

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I certainly agree with the

I certainly agree with the awareness factor that the delegate process and presidential primaries bring but it cannot be the panacea for our problems.

A single man (The President) can't fix any thing. A single man can easily be manipulated or eliminated.

Was JFK even a libertarian - but he just made a single move against the MIC and the Fed and was eliminated.

I have heard a few of Reagan's speeches and he seemed like a decent man but I am not sure why there was an attempt to assassinate him (I do not believe the official stories). But then his administration ended up inflating the MIC and re-defined the war on drugs.

Ron Paul had the perfect strategy in spreading the message of liberty. He is the prophet and the message of liberty and truth is the messiah. Many DP-ers continue to spread this message and that ,IMO, is a decent enough contribution. Becoming a delegate is definitely better but is not possible for everybody due to varied reasons.