Comment: Self Righteousness Is No Virtue... Calm Down..(Read Below)

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Self Righteousness Is No Virtue... Calm Down..(Read Below)

Why don't you just simmer down friend. You probably had a bad day. Tomorrow is another day. Sometimes the pressures of life moves us out of our center.

...DO ME A FAVOR... Close your eyes and look through the middle of your forehead or through your eyelids as if you were looking at a movie screen. Do you see little flashing lights, tiny little pixels? Can you feel your fingers tingling and your hands getting warm? You are now in prayer in the presence. There is no time, no thought, just you in the moment.

Practice this before you go to bed and when you awaken in the morning, and sometime during the middle of your day. Practice it several times a day at first to get use to it. It may cause one to fall asleep. It does that for awhile. Don't be afraid, the technique will not hurt you one bit. It is what the bible calls your 'armor and shield.'

According to its creator, this technique was probably lost/deleted from the bible by the same crowd who I believe want to keep you from the real teachings of true prayer or meditation. I sincerely believe this technique was taught by Christ to his apostles..It is the key to the secret of life. Not sure how or why it works, it just..

Just try it for yourself. Make no preconceived judgements about it. It works. You will see things in a different light. It may help you stop smoking and other bad habits we all have engaged in from time to time. It is my gift to you, my friend in liberty..

There are no mantras or vain affirmations involved.

I practice the stress relieving technique myself daily to keep me in the moment.

The U.S. Army has order hundreds of copies of these stress relievers because it has helped cured thousands of military men afflicted with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)..

It is the size of a credit card and can fit inside your shirt pocket.. You can listen to it in the car, at home or at work.

It really works! I have been practicing this stress relieving technique for over 30 years. Give it a try. I promise, you won't be sorry.

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