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You mean Solomon's Temple? Not David's. Either you are that...

...ignorant, while believing you have a clue, or you are just being dishonest, on purpose.....

You seem to think, or are implying that Jews &/or Christians claim that Islam destroyed the Holy Temple...
No Jews, or Christians, claim that.

The (2nd) Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. by the Romans...

In 691 A.D., over 600!years after the destruction of the Temple, the Dome of the Rock was completed.

Islam was invented about 610 A.D., and by 637 A.D. (only 27 years) this radically violent religion based on Jihad & "submission" had spread over all/most of Arabia, and conquered Jerusalem from the Byzantine Romans.
'The Dome' was completed in 691 A.D., and the subsequent Muslim occupation of Israel/"Palestine" (the name was changed by the Romans to insult the conquered Jews, based on the biblical enemy 'Philistines') led to the First Crusade to take back the Holy Land/Israel roughly 400 years later.

In many ways the LONG TERM conflict does go back to that period.

BUT, it is NOT over the destruction of the Temple, because it was already destroyed long before that. You bringing THAT up, is the propaganda that should be REMOVED.

The LONG TERM conflict has been between the Muslims, and Templar Christians/Roman Empire/Vatican Church.

NOW, however, the JEWS, whose land it RIGHTFULLY is, HAVE IT BACK! The Muslims/Arabs still want to own it, and so does the Evil (Roman) Empire! (Hence AIPAC, the NWO infiltrators and their task-master partners in Israel and elsewhere, who are TRAITORS to Israel like the Sadducees who accepted Caesar's coin in the Temple, and the Pharisees who put down Yeshua's revolution). BUT ISRAEL RIGHTFULLY BELONGS TO THE JEWS!!! Not to Islam, or to the NWO/Evil Empire aka "the Empire formerly known as Rome".

We ARE in the END TIMES! As evidenced by the prophesy of the Jews RETURN coming true! The Conflict, of all the nations coming against Israel, to claim it for themselves, is happening now!

They will all FAIL! The Messiah is Coming!!! Are you open to His saving grace or are you out to prove Him wrong?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?