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I have two words to encapsulate that:

"awkward familiarity."

frankly, makes for best horror flick premises: you come home, 95% of things in your house is laid out as you left it. then you begin to notice everything in the kitchen has been readjusted by 5degrees.

it's the details that you notice that drive you crazy; you know they weren't supposed to be that way, you know that it has changed, but you do not know by whom, or why, or when.

still, all elements of 'horror' stem from helplessness or 'things out of your control.'

personally, as long as I control things within my immediate vicinity, and/or the things I'm using or holding, doesn't bother me much; computers crashing? wholly another set of horrors xD though, probably more akin to perpetual annoyance: not like some mechanical thing to cut, chop, weld, fit, or tighten...just some stupid 1's and 0's... egads!

I suppose similar psychological stem as "creepiness," but perhaps "cuteness" comes from more of a biological need to protect the helpless/young.

still, the entire sense of 'cuteness'...suppose one had to come up with some evolutionary logic, is not necessary for survival, per se. I mean, why was our human sensibility developed so that 'cuteness' is synonymous with vulnerability of a baby, or necessarily prompt a sense of necessity or duty to want to protect??

the biological prompt, is what is so weird about it, to me anyway.

perhaps it's just part of the same scale in the 'love' quotient.

but who can quantify that?? humans have been friggin' singing, selling, eating, and killing over that emotion for eons.

I suppose I'd simply have to settle for "cuteness" as being on one of those qualifiably acceptable mysteries of life .o)

Predictions in due Time...

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