Comment: What the poster is stating doesn't

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What the poster is stating doesn't

hold much water.

I have a friend that was a state delegate that went to the national convention. In there state convention there was a physical fight. State republican chairman had a bunch of off duty state police there for security. When one of the Ron Paulers got the floor and tried to speak the chairman ordered the state police to subdue him. They ended up breaking his fingers and dislocating the hip of an elderly man. Rick Santorim had actually carried the state by popular vote but the chairman and his goons nominated fuzzy nuts instead.
Friend went to Florida where they were barred from the convention.
If I remember right he met with Ron @ a location off site of the convention.
There is a video of the fight @ the state convention somewhere on internet land. Anyway poster, as he learned there is no hope for this country thru voting. Its all rigged.
I'm doin my part, tellin folks and Praying. Apparently your not doing your part.

Plantin the seeds for our Savior. In the End Jesus wins!