Comment: No, I wasn't a delegate, but I was there as a guest....

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No, I wasn't a delegate, but I was there as a guest....

No, I wasn't a National Delegate (though I was an RP Delegate to the State Convention in 2008 & 2012), but I was there in Tampa as a guest to provide ground support to several RP delegates like these patriots:

Am I allowed to complain about anything ever? Technically I wasn't a national delegate, but could I maybe get a whiner's pass?

On a serious note regarding your comment, "The WAY to SAVE the country is to be a DELEGATE. Do you get that?!?!?!??!!?"

I can attest that this is completely B.S. I actually attribute my attendance to the RNC in Tampa in 2012 as the catalyst that helped me progress towards complete Voluntaryism, as the little faith I had in the system was completely smashed...blatantly, out in the open for everyone to see.

I feel I can do more to promote the cause of Liberty outside the system through entrepreneurship.

BUT, I never claim that my way is the only way to fix this mess. It's going to take actions from all different directions to beat this beast. We'll have to work inside and outside the system. Working inside the system like you suggest is not the only way.

Lastly, I actually believe typing stuff on the internet is the reason things will change as paradigms shift as people are awakened by information they found online and through alternative channels.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!