Comment: Edward Snowden is, no doubt -

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Edward Snowden is, no doubt -

Ed Snowden is, without a doubt, authentic. I would not argue whether or not he was, in some form or other, an "asset" - or whether he was being controlled - but his actions are authentic. However, there is also no doubt that he was allowed to leave with the information he did. The fact that all of this highly secretive information not only passed through the hands of someone of questionable state loyalty but was allowed to become exposed is far beyond a blunder.

I can remember joking with a friend of mine over the phone back in 2004 - "'Assassinate president' . . . alright, say something else for the benefit of the NSA guy listening to our conversation now . . ." So, now the world knows it? What's going to happen about it? What are Germany or Chile going to do about this? Mexico? Brazil? I'm laughing!

You may be right in questioning things, though I do not think this is a specific question of using data mined by the NSA in court. It's psychological control - obviously, since it has not stopped, since it shows no signs of stopping, since it seems there is nothing we can do about it, and since US officials aren't even showing any guilt or remorse about it . . . this will continue regardless of whatever new puppet gets the White House in 2016.