Comment: I wonder how many people

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I wonder how many people

I wonder how many people actually believe this crap?

Do you really believe this? So, tell me, after watching 50+ videos of this guy on youtube, is there one single mathematical truth that you can prove that you didn't know before? (just to make things clear, saying crap like "9 is a perfect number" is as much of a truth as saying "17 is a horrible number" if you don't prove it. And saying - here is a computer animation "based on number 9" really also isn't saying anything.). If you watched his videos, and if you have some education in mathematics, you would have realized that this guy has to use a pre-written notebook in order to do multiplications, would a math genius need a textbook for multiplications of small numbers? Then ask yourself - how much of this gibberish do you really understand, and how much of it seems like non sequitur snake oil selling?

There was also this guy Powell who tried to sell the same vortex-based-mathematics crap. He even got to do a TEDx talk. I think he is the only speaker that TEDx apologized for having on show (after lots of people with mathematical/physics background saw it and said that they couldn't listen to him because he just spewes unconnected technical terms, TED asked Powell to show them his papers / research which would prove that he wasn't a hoax.. Try to guess how that went :)