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Comment: And that's just the "Mask" under which the true evil hides

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And that's just the "Mask" under which the true evil hides

There is no more "government", there is only a Corporate/Bankster-run "Boy's Club" of rich people getting themselves and their buddies more rich. The Government, ANY major one, is an illusion (A Mask) to induce consent for what the FACE is imposing on the population all over the Globe, not just the US.

It's great to bring awareness to what the MASK has been doing but we need to look at our collective, global problem in the FACE! You wouldn't complain to a cashier about a stores poor service, perhaps not even the store manager but instead you would address the entire corporation up to its Presidents/CEOs running the whole thing. Now take that concept a step above the CEOs and see that there is a very cleverly yet foolishly designed system of illusionary acquiescence we're all waking up out of.

In order for "the enemy" to do all you notice it is and has been doing, it needs to get funded by the Global Centralized Banking System like every other major power on this planet. They'll destroy the US and just move on to another country next if no one notices they're the one's really pulling the strings here.

"The greatest trick the "NWO" ever pulled was convincing you it didn't already exist."

As long as we're directing our focus and attention on the MASK, the FACE keeps laughing.

It's time for a GLOBAL B***H SLAP!!!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin