Comment: earth to naomi ...... earth calling naomi

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earth to naomi ...... earth calling naomi

`Naomi .... here's some news for you honey--america was NEVER, *EVER* supposed to be a democracy. Please go do some basic reading on the subject and what the founders had to say about democracies.

other than that I share your thoughts, emotions, and passion.

Just don't continue to perpetuate the LIE that we're supposed to be a democracy or that promoting democracy (aongst other nations in the world) is a good thing. It's not.

And to the Code Pink bashers, stop it. They are exercising their right protected by the 1st amendment. I do not agree with their cause or philosophy, but I've met several of them and they are genuine people, and I would venture to say those ladies are more "active" in their beliefs than 99.999999% of the people bashing them here. Get your ass up off the couch and protest something that affects you, or zip it.