Comment: I will be the leader

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I will be the leader

of my group. I am the alpha male and my immediate and any extended family and perhaps a few friends that choose to seek safety on my property WILL follow my lead. There will be no democracy but I will lead by example. I have knowledge, ability and experience and thankfully I have capable and intelligent relatives. I am not only prepping for myself but for them as well.

I am talking total collapse. Detroit is a microcosm that's not really a good example of a total economic and societal collapse. For instance travel by automobile is only good if you have fuel. Their is still a whole country propping up Detroit and most people in Detroit wouldn't last more than a few weeks in a full on SHTF scenario.

In the end I follow the same advise that I have always followed which is "prepare for the worst and hope for the best". It has served me well all my life.