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I give Corey

all the credit in the world for facing his demons, cleaning up his act, and taking the extra steps necessary to be a good father...and NOT LETTING THE STINKING CHILD MOLESTERS WIN!!

On a side note, I just attempted to also watch a video with Corey defending Michael Jackson. It was an (alleged) interview on Howard Stern. Stern and some woman (I don't follow Stern, so I don't know who she is) were laughing and making fun of Corey's being molested...not to mention they would not shut up so Corey could speak! It was revolting! What's funny about a child being molested? Do they know that molested children are RARELY able, no matter how much counseling received , to fully recover and TRUST--thereby almost guaranteeing their relationships fail? Their behavior was, imo, like abusing Corey all over again!! Disgusting!

And yet there's talk of Stern running for VP under Ventura????? Yuk!

Thumbs up, Corey.

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