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and yet,

when one points to rumsfeld, cheney, etc, it's as if the Clintons had nothing to do with anything, or any Democrat climbing and being groomed into power. Did Clinton say G.H.W. Bush was like a Dad to him? Bill Clinton Regards George Bush Sr. As “The Father He Never Had”‎

By Dusten Carlson - in 404 Google+ circlesJul 13, 2012 - Former presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush (Bush the elder) make an unlikely duo, but the two seem to have a marked affinity for ...

Jenna Bush and Hillary Clinton are 'related' through marriage to her ...

Oct 4, 2013
Jenna Bush: Hillary Clinton and I are 'related' through 'Uncle' Bill - George W ...with my grandparents and my father...that my dad calls him a brother from another mother.'....I don't like democrats but RINOs are close behind.