Comment: From what I can gather about the article..

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From what I can gather about the article..

The author criticises potential conflicts of interest in the building of an independent news/media company; formulating the view with methods of power and control (the left-hand path of the occult); taking the view that Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden are being 'handled' into a suppressed state of affairs (less impact of released NSA documents).

I, however, have faith that Snowden understands information, politics, and modern day coercive techniques enough to have created an overall situation that guarantees the release of NSA information from at least one reputable source while protecting himself. The article appears to have ignored copies of NSA information given to those other than Greenwald.

The author writes at length about historical criticisms of Greenwald and other's past. So, anyone wanting to criticise or slander have this article to ease their research. However, I didn't investigate the validity of those claims.

Right or wrong, it is an interesting perspective for those who want to solidify their understanding with potentially extreme/alternate perspectives. Yoichi Shimatsu (the author) may have some points.