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You are right...

Thanks MissLiberty, yes you are right :)

I just wanted to help dispel the myth that the tea party somehow started in 2010. To this day, I see very different Tea Party manifestations throughout the country. Back on the West Coast, through California, Arizona, and Nevada, it seems the rEVOLution just morphed into the Tea Party, and they are all part of the Liberty Movement (Ron Paul supporters and the like). In the midwest and east coast, in some areas it seems social conservatives hijacked the Tea Party and they became self-proclaimed RINO hunters (Rick Santorum supporters and the like) or followers of Glen Beck and other radio talking heads.

For me, the rEVOLution in 2007 will always be the birth of the Tea Party, and it will always be about Liberty, not social conservatism.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof