Comment: its distinctions like these

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its distinctions like these

its distinctions like these which has made me come to realise that i WONT focus on labels, at least to the best of my ability, as i believe this is so ingrained in our societies under the guise of peer pressure, instead i THINK that it is the cause that we should focus on, the "message" , that brings EVERYONE, as in, from all sorts of backgrounds, the LABELS, the thing that brings us TOGETHER, this is something that is CONTINUINGLY fought against, it is the NATURAL course, as I see it, and coming from this angle, it is natural to see those things that try to resist it

does that make sense, i know how difficult it is to put into words that do the actual THOUGHT justice, thats why its treasure for me to find folks who literally "speak their mind", who translate it so well, and then, so happen to have a "heart" i can respect

and i happen to think EVERYONE is capable, when there is no more bullshit to get in the way