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so i should respect

RB for begging the MTV audience to vote for Obama, for scaring children about global warming, for having rock star hissy fits, throwing some guys camera through an office window, demanding that the wardrobe girl show him her tits before he'd rehearse, for coming to the US and getting a gun because it was macho, but when sandy hook happened turning it in and recanting to his other liberal know it all pal piers morgan. i should forget all that and give respect because he has stated some political ideas that are as old as the hills and his solution, no profit, more government
and mega socialism is the answer. if the guy was at least funny i could over look all that and give him props for that, but for me and some others he just isn't.

like burroughs said: "some wise old faggot told me years ago: some people are shits darling"

and then wsb came up with the concept of the population divided into two groups: the johnsons and the shits. makes a lot of sense to me.

there is no such thing as perfect. that's an absolute.
but at the very least, let me wish you the best on your life journey.