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Okay, that all sounds good on the internet.

But could you be a little more specific? Here's what I mean: could you show me "when" the Israeli's "created a free state"? Last time I checked, there were some of the Jewish community "relocated" during and after WW2 (1947) by the AMerican and British Forces. Not sure if any "Israeli's" were a part of that, unless you have something to show me that I haven't seen (like a source document). Are you saying a Jewish man thought of the idea of Israel? Help me understand that.

And "mandatory" military training? Why would anyone that signed up for the military voluntarily want to serve next to someone who was forced? That might be difficult to understand if you haven't served your Country before. But maybe you have. I have no idea.

You say Israel "is not part of the UN Agenda." How can you possibly say that when Israel's closest ally is the United States? How can you say that Israel is not a part of the UN Agenda when Israel has been asked by many UN member-Countries to disclose their nuclear arsenal and are not punished with sanctions for refusing? Look what happened to Syria who also has "Weapons of Mass Destruction (Chemical)" ?

Understand how that is hypocritical of Israel to not follow rules that everyone else must.

And what does a Country's forest population have to do with it's success?

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.