Comment: Let's Be Fair.

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Let's Be Fair.

You are saying that Glenn Beck along with Dick Armey co-opted the Tea Party? Although I am not a huge fan of Glenn, I must say that he came to the aid of Freedom Works and helped oust Dick Armey back out after Armey ousted Matt Kibbe. He refused to have Armey on his show and pushed to have Kibbe re-instated and he succeeded. He is on record saying that Dick Armey tried to infiltrate Freedom Works Libertarian movement and he was not going to put up with it.

Granted, the Republican Party jumped on the band wagon and succeeded in making people think that the Tea Party is theirs, but let us not blame those who were not actually a part of it. Glenn is a Conservative Libertarian, even though he sometimes fights himself over the fact. He has been coming around more these days and I believe he just might be influential in helping Republican Libertarians in the coming elections, at least that is my hope. I know a lot of you just want a third party, but until we can get to a point where they are recognized for debates and the like, we need to look at Conservative Libertarian thinkers in the Republican and Democrat Party's. Wish there were more in the Dem Party, Heck, I wish there were more in the Republican Party.