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Rand is always voting to keep the GOP status-quo in their positions of power and control.

So what do you all think he would then do if he were President? By aligning himself with the party establishment, he is doing exactly the same thing that Barack Obama did for the left.

Obama pretended to be a "progressive", yet contradicted himself by reappointing either the same Bush-Cheney people, or Corporatist, pro-war, right-wing Democrats for all of his trusted advisors and cabinet positions.

In short, he was a phony, and a political fraud. And he completely killed off the large movement on the left to stop the wars, jail the torturers, kill the U.S. Patriot Act, etc. ... as they felt that they didn't want to be seen to be against a "democratic" president.

So Rand is headed down exactly the same path here. He will kill off the whole Libertarian movement, because he continues over and over again to embrace himself with just status-quo, Orwellian, GOP reich-wingers (which is not libertarian at all).

You judge a man not by his words, but by who he chooses to associate and surround himself with. Its that simple.

If you want change, then you're friends must be people who are your allies in that change. But if your friends are just status-quo party people, then there ain't no change a commin folks.....