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Here in time and place, worldwide, there is an exposing of the criminals who hide behind false authority that has been building since the last World War.

This time and place, worldwide, is similar to the time and place leading up to the events that became known as The Civil War in the area that was once a voluntary Union of States called America.

Either the criminals hiding behind false authority are going to be exposed and no longer capable of perpetrating the crimes they current perpetrate, including the crimes called Aggressive War (for profit of the few at the expense of the many), and including the crime of issuing Fraudulent Money through a Fraudulent Legal System of National Debt, and there will be a time period in places World Wide whereby competition and free markets work to Force the quality of government (defense of Liberty) up and the same Force of competition in free markets Force the quality of money (accurate accounting) up, while both costs (government and money) are Forced down for the consumers, because that is what happens when there is competition in free markets, or, rather than a time period World Wide when competition reigns for that time, instead, instead of competition in government and money in free markets for a time, instead of that, instead of that happening after the current criminals are no longer hidden behind their false government lies, there will be a time when new, better, more effective lairs, robbers, thieves, and assorted criminals take over the power of false government, because, at is may happen yet, the current bunch of criminals managed to get their World War III off to a blazing rate of accelerated growth of destruction that consumes so many people that the remaining survivors are even less powerful than they are now in defending Liberty (competitive free markets of everything including government and money), or some other less obvious events transpire in the near future.

Karen Hudes is (or is claiming to be) basing much of her optimism on a computer program of significant power and reliability.