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Comment: Just officially toasted

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Just officially toasted

Toasted for you! :)

Can you eat this?

red onion (only 1/3 part - all other parts equal)
pepper (to your liking)
olive oil
and some super special wine
Green onion
bacon (hehe!!! - yum)

If you take the first three or four ingredients you could have a decent nutrient based diet with some calories (I love avacado! Use more if you need the calories) especially if you add some cashews.

It's a feast!

Whatever makes you feel good.

If I was given my sentence I would want to be with loved ones and also have a good time. That doesn't mean shooting dope, but maybe some super thick Sam the butcher style bacon from the Brady Bunch, hehe. Yum. I do know one person who cheated death, well actually two. Of course the ex who was found dead on a park bench, but the one that stood out had a terminal case of cancer. She was given 6 months at best to live. Now is 16 years later.

When our time comes we heed it's beckoning call. Either a miracle will occur of one kind or a miracle will occur of another. Either one is wonderful and liberating.

Take care and big hugs.