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Volume of Pacific ocean via

Volume of Pacific ocean via NOAA:
660,000,000 Km^3 (cubic kilometer)
1 Km^3 to gallons = 2.641720524e+11 gallons
read as 264,172,052,400 Gallons (264 billion gallons)
1.743535546e+17 Gallons in Pacific ocean.

1 ton of water has a volume of 269.012783313 gallons.
269 x 300 = 80,700 gallons of water in 300 tons.

(80,7000 gallons) / 174,353,554,600,000,000 gallons/Pacific ocean = 0.00000000000004628 % of the volume of the Pacific ocean.

Even if it continues at 300 tons a day for a full year the percentage is very small. Sure it will be highly concentrated around Fukishima, but the dispersion factors of radioactive water (no becquerels given in the article) in the Pacific is almost unmeasurable.

The NOAA map in the article is also displaying the height (in cm) of waves caused by the earthquake, and has nothing to do with radiation.

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