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This post is like saying, "I have NO CLUE that Israel's science and technology are so advanced and superior to anyone in the world's that the US, and many governments and corporations have purchased, installed, and have been using Israel tech for decades.". your computer BTW, has Israeli Tech from top to bottom, maybe you should stop collaborating with the Israels and get off the computer?

Matter of fact, the USS Liberty, that spy ship the Israelis sank for spying on them, I think that was the turning point, when America began looking to Israel for intel, in a "if you can beat them, join them" action.

Let's face it, know why Israeli is a HUGE problem? Because those Israelis are smart. They have created a country where they are free to think and invent and create and produce.. They invent technology that has mind blowing capabilities, sell it to the Americans, and Americans prove they are no better than apes, the best they can do is break NSA (which owned the USS Liberty with unconstitutional applications.