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Rand Doesn't Understand

Rand Paul and I are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. A lot of people dislike Cuccinelli because of his social views. In my opinion, this is only an issue because it seems he has a lot of hate associated with those views, it's all he used to talk about, and he was purposefully polarizing. The bigger problem with Cuccinelli is that his plans are unrealistic and from what I can tell they are not from the correct premise. Cuccinelli just says "less government, lower taxes" but his plan involves picking winners in government to "create jobs" and lowering taxes without thought to reforming the expenditures underlying those funds. Typically when a politician does this it is because he or she just wants votes and doesn't actually have a sound philosophy behind the policy.

Robert Sarvis does have the correct philosophy. He understands why limited government works better and what "limited government" actually means (hint: doesn't always mean lower taxes). This is why he can move us towards liberty without pissing off the entire General Assembly.

I don't think Cuccinelli is a bad guy like many people; from all accounts he is actually OK (as a person). I just believe Sarvis would be a better governor and therefore I vote for him.