Comment: More radiation fear mongering

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More radiation fear mongering

Please take a look at who is spreading this fear mongering about Fukushima. This website, along with most others, are stuffed with advertisements for water purifiers, iodine pills, etc. They have a DIRECT FINANCIAL INTEREST IN YOUR FEAR. If you blindly accept this bs then you are no better than the sheep that blindly accept what Fox News says or the global warming cult. I'm not saying you have to believe what I do, but do your own research and don't rely on what someone else tells you. My own background in Radiation Biology makes me unable to take this article seriously (especially when people refer to radiation being released into the atmosphere instead of saying radionuclides).

Case in point, he claims that 210 quadrillion becquerels of Cs-137 were released. I went and read the original source for this claim and that was the highest estimated limit the authors could find. Even if this was true, that would be about 66 KILOGRAMS of Cs-137 have been released. Ironically, most areas of the US still have a higher background radiation than in Japan because of high concentrations of Radon in the US (we don't even need to get into the high doses received from medical treatment every year that dwarf any other sources).

I'm not going to go on, this subject is one of the reasons I stopped posting on the DP because everyone blindly accepts the fear mongering as the truth. You don't have to believe my opinion just because of my background in radiation biology, but please do your own research and don't accept what someone else with a financial stake in your fear says.

I hope I was able to encourage someone out there to take a second look at the fear mongering, but I'm sure that I will be spammed with thumbs down and linked to random blogs that also sell iodine pills and purifiers with information we should all blindly accept as the truth.