Comment: Next time, bring a friend along ...

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Next time, bring a friend along ...

... because when they say they are "concerned with fraud" and they refuse to do business with you for THAT reason, they ARE accusing you of committing fraud.

In doing so, they are accusing you of committing a crime and, when done in the presence of others, they are defaming your character.

At that point, you let them know that either they do business with you as they do with everyone else, or they are falsely accusing you of a crime, for which you can (and WILL) seek legal recourse. If they still refuse, then sue them. Sue the company, the cashier, the manager, and John Doe #1-99 (the corporate executives who implemented a policy to defame you). Defamation is a tort, and employees of corporations do not get immunity from torts. They will probably settle out of court because they won't want this to go down as a precedent.

People can't go around accusing people of committing crimes for no reason.